Priscila Shuffle Dance Mix Video HD 2018

Priscila Shuffle Dance Mix Video HD 2018

I have to say that I really enjoyed creating this video. Two locations, one under a bridge with graffiti and another on the beach, with my friend Rikky Alves as my second camera operator we got to record both from our own phone , yes like you heard, 2 Samsung S7 (one normal and other Edge). Since my professional kit was stolen months ago I can’t afford to buy new one. But no worries even with phones you can do great things, or even worse cameras.

By the way the girl dancing Priscila, is not even dancing the real songs you hear on the videoclip, She listen another music with similar beat because for that time we didn’t have the songs already.

I struggled sometimes to find perfect balance on the beat and the dancing moves, but in the end I think I managed to do it just right.


       Free Non-copyright Music I used for this project:


I liked all the songs.  All of them are amazing and you should definitely check out their portfolio.

I wanted to use them all but I’m not a DJ to mix them, so I asked one friend of mine Guillem Martí link and he made this great remix.

I want to thanks: to Priscila for being patient with us, Rikky Alves as my second camera operator, Guillem Martí for mix all songs and to all non-copyright free content creators who bring us best content.



Details of this project:

–  We had 2 days of recording with more than 90 clips. you know for the backup and resource 🙂

–  I worked with Adobe Premiere Pro for cuts and small adjustments and After Effects CC for special effects in general

–  The video was edited from time to time, when I was more dense to creativity

–  The final render take me 3h 28min. (and I had to do it again because I forgot the intro 😛 )